After you place an order on our portal, a notification will be sent to our storehouse, and work on your desired item will begin. Our professionals will inspect their inventory. If we have one fully prepared that meets your criteria, or if it can be quickly adjusted to meet your demands, we normally deliver those things within 24-48 duty days, however it may take a little longer if the procedure includes the weekend.

If you want your leather products to last a long time, avoid storing them in wet areas. To keep it safe, store it somewhere that is neither too hot nor too cold. Use the dust bag that came with your bag at all times. Put your bag in a dust bag, then in a plastic zip-lock bag with some silica gel packets to help keep moisture out.

To begin, you must comprehend that leather is a naturally occurring substance, which means that mold will thrive on it. However, there are measures we may take to avoid this:

  1. Take care of your luggage and apply care items on it on a regular basis.
  2. Avoid storing your suitcase in moist areas.
  3. Use a dust bag made of breathable material to store your bag.

Regretfully, once your product has been dispatched, we will be unable to change your mailing address.

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Yes, we have combo sets with premium leather products available. To find out, look through our entire website.