Why Malabis is the Best Online Store in Karachi

Online shopping is a rage and this fever isn’t one that is going to fade. With a plethora of online stores available to consumers, each one competes to find an edge over the other. Here are 5 reasons why one online store may be more popular over others:

A User Friendly and Aesthetic Website:
The first and foremost experience for a customer is with the online store’s website. If it’s easy to load, attractive, organized and allows for easy searching of products, customers are more likely to come back.  Also the images of your products are the first impression online customers get of your store range so the photos must match the quality of your product. Furthermore your website must be optimized for mobile use, especially since most online shopping is done via phones and tablets.

An Easy Checkout Process
One things that can put customers off is a cumbersome checkout procedure, many get frustrated filling in too many details and eventually just leave even if they find a product that catches their eye. The checkout experience needs to be as easy and accommodating. An easy checkout process can be managed with just a one-page checkout, or by allowing guest checkout minimizing barriers between your store and the customer.

A Clear Display of All Charges:
A study revealed that the most common reason given by people who abandoned their carts during the checkout process was that they found the extra costs including shipping, taxes and fees to be too high. The online store must display all pricing information upfront before checkout, so your customers won’t be taken by surprise. One thing that customers dread is the extra shipping costs and as the concept of e commerce has matured, customers look for e-stores that don’t charge too much for shipping. Many online stores are popular due to their free shipping option.

Multiple Payment Options
If customers are offered the chance to pay using the method they prefer, they’re more likely to go through with their purchase. That’s why it’s important that you allow your would-be customers to choose from an assortment of different payment options including credit cards and debit cards and even cash on delivery.

Excellent Customer Support
This may be the one thing that may help your store stand out and that is attentive and thorough customer support. Stores that meet a broader range of customer inquiries and have an easy-to-find self-help section, as well as FAQ to answer the most commonly-asked questions, are preferred clearly especially by those who may still be new to the online shopping realm.

Malabis is one such online store delivering all over Karachi which boasts of an unending and unique range of household accessories, home cleaning products, kitchen accessories, luggage, Swiss knives, women’s accessories, handles, and flavors.  Its growing popularity is because it meets all the above five criteria and is fast carving a niche for itself in the e commerce world. Visit the Malabis online store and see for yourself!

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