Truck Art Knife

PKR 3,600

Now you can own one of the 1st limited Edition made for Pakistan.
We certify that this Pocket knife is 100% Original Swiss Made by Victorinox.
The Explorer has created the Truck Art knife on 1.3603 Spartan first time in Pakistan from
Switzerland by Victorinox.


Truck Art History
The lively colors of Pakistani trucks have inspired multiple fashion designers
Many trucks and buses are highly customized and decorated by their owners.
The decoration often contains elements that remind the truck drivers of home, since they may be away from home for months at a time. Decoration may include structural changes, paintings calligraphy, and ornamental decor like mirror work on the front and back of vehicles and wooden carvings on the truck doors. Depictions of various historical scenes and poetic verses are also common. Outfitting is often completed at a coach workshop.
Thank you for choosing VICTORINOX TRUCK ART KNIFE


large blade

small blade

can opener

screwdriver 3 mm

bottle opener

screwdriver 6 mm

wire stripper

reamer, punch and sewing awl




key ring


Net weight: 59 g


scale material: ABS / Cellidor

Size: 91 mm

Blade lockable: No

One hand blade: No