Swiss Modern Carving Set, 2 pieces

PKR 10,500

  • Swiss Modern Carving Knife, wavy edge, 22 cm
  • Swiss Modern Carving Fork, 15 cm
  • The Ideal set for carving all kind of meat, irrespective of joint size
  • Swiss made carving fork and knife
  • Stainless, wear-resistant steel blades and synthetic handles


Where true beauty meets true quality: meet our Swiss Modern Carving Set, 2 pieces. Just like each piece in the collection, both the carving fork and knife have been ergonomically shaped for ultimate comfort. The two-pronged fork holds everything firmly in place and the stainless steel blade with straight edge cuts effortlessly through any kind of meat. This two-piece set with synthetic handles for a smooth and secure grip is sure to elevate your carving game.

Item number: 6.9096.21G

Size: 416 x 163 x 24 mm

Weight: 180 g


Height: 24 mm

Net weight: 180 g


Length of blade: 21 cm

Handle material: Polypropylen Copolymer (PPC)

Dishwasher safe: Yes