Swiss Classic Trend Colors Paring Knife Set, 3 Pieces

PKR 2,550

  • Swiss Classic Paring Knife, 8 cm, straight edge
  • Swiss Classic Paring Knife, 10 cm, wavy edge
  • Swiss Classic Tomato Knife, 11 cm, wavy edge
  • Paring knife trio for cutting garnishes, deseeding pomegranates, deseeding chillis or slicing tomatoes
  • Swiss made paring knife trio in a choice of six super fresh colors
  • Contains a mix of three paring knife sizes: 8 cm straight edge, 10 cm wavy edge and 11 cm wavy edge


The paring knife: it’s as integral to a busy kitchen as your stove. Small but mighty, this is the blade that’s always poised for action on your cutting board. From deseeding a chili or dicing zucchini, to trimming a sirloin cut or slicing limes for your happy hour party, this is the compact multitasker to do it all. So why not invest in three? This trio includes three sizes (8–11 cm) with three colorful rainbow hues. Now that’s a win.

Item number: 6.7116.34L1

Length of blade: 0 cm

Weight: 93 g


Height: 25 mm

Net weight: 93 g


Handle material: polypropylene (PP)

Type of edge: normal straight + saw edge

Dishwasher safe: Yes