Swiss Classic Kitchen Set, 5 pieces

PKR 11,150

  • The optimal knife set to kick-start your kitchen chopping skills
  • Swiss made kitchen knife set
  • With ergonomic handles and stainless steel blade
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A set of super dexterous knives is the building block of your kitchen. They underpin all your culinary creativity (and dish dreams). You want blades that go the distance and are a pleasure to use. Our Swiss Classic Kitchen Set, 5 pieces, is the natural choice. Containing all the essentials for you to chop, slice, dice, peel and pare your way to everyday dining perfection.

Item number: 6.7133.5G

Size: 402 x 228 x 27 mm

Weight: 545 g


Paring Knife

Paring Knife, pointed tip

Tomato and Table Knife

Carving Knife

Bread Knife