Swiss Classic Butter and Cream Cheese Knife

PKR 2,750

  • The perfect knife for soft textures like butter and cream cheese
  • Swiss made butter and cream cheese knife with wavy edge
  • With an ergonomic handle and perforated blade with fork tip
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Butter and soft cheeses – both are multitasking, essential food types that can be present at breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack times or in place of a dessert. To enjoy these snacks even more, we created a new addition to our Swiss Classic line by designing a clever Butter and Cream Cheese Knife. Equipped with a sharp wavy edge, unique blade perforations and a forked tip, this knife reduces friction. You’ll slice and portion effortlessly and with comfort, as the knife is fitted with an ergonomically shaped handle to complete its useful design.
Item number: 6.7863.13B
Length of blade: 13 cm
Weight: 22 g
Height: 12 mm
Net weight: 22 g

Blade Properties: perforated

Length of blade: 13 cm

Handle material: polypropylene (PP)

Type of edge: wavy edge

Dishwasher safe: Yes