Surface & Bathroom Cleaner Institutional Pack Can 5 Litre

PKR 1,415

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Surface & Bathroom Cleaner is a strong disinfectant and cleaning liquid that helps remove the tough of stains on any type of surface. It gives you unbeatable cleaning on greasy soil and particulate matter, freshening the whole surface, Kitchen Floor or bathroom in the process. It has a thick liquid formula with powerful cleaning agents that lift and remove tough stains from almost all surfaces & bathroom and kills germs to give you a disinfected and germ-safe bathroom.

Product Life:-

2 years from the date of Production


Frequent hand wash helps you to be safe and healthy. Reduce risk of bacteria and viruses that may cause disease.

Direction for Use:-

To Clean The Floor Tiles
Dilute the product, following these simple instructions:

Add 125 ml or 1 cup of Al Nazafat Surface & Bathroom Cleaner to half a bucket of water approx 5 liters

Mop the floor as usual, then scrub gently and rinse

To Remove Tough Stain

Apply Al Nazafat Surface and Bathroom Cleaner undiluted.

Scrub Gently for 5 minutes

Gently Scrub the area with water and rinse to clean.

Active Ingredients:-

Sodium Hypoclorite.5%w/w Min., Sodium lauryl, Ether Sulphate, lauryl Amine Oxide, sodium hydroxide, perfume and deionized water.


For External Use Only

Keep Away from

Avoid Contact with eyes and broken skin do not inhale or In case of eye contact rinse with plenty of fresh water, in case of irritation seek immediate medical advice.

Keep out of the reach of the

Do Not Mix with other bathroom cleaner or Acids, this may cause release of Chlorine Gas which may cause danger to health. 6. Not recommended for cleaning Toilet Bowl.

Safety Data Sheet:-

Available on Request


S.NO. PCSIR-KLC 1004190