Hairdresser’s Scissors

PKR 3,500

  • Perfect for cutting and styling hair
  • Scissors with exceptional functionality
  • With sharp, micro-serrated edge and stainless steel blades and handles
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For precision cutting, trimming and styling hair, these slim, light, stainless steel scissors have fine blades and a sharp pointed profile that is controlled by round steel handles designed for close control. The hair scissors’ blades are micro-serrated to prevent slipping on the surface of the hair and to aid in the creation of everything from long layered styles to close cropping. For home hairdressers and professional hair designers alike, these are an essential tool in every stylist’s kit, which will stand the test of time and keep performing year in, year out.
Item number: 8.1002.17
Size: 165 x 57 x 8 mm
Weight: 59 g
Height: 8 mm
Net weight: 59 g
Handle material: metal
Dishwasher safe: No