Concentrated Phenyl Value Pack 1000ml + 100ml extra

PKR 365

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Conventional piny odor white liquid used for floor cleaning and aslo helps in killing germs with a great fragrance, in used in decades.

Product Life

2 years from the date of Production


Used a germicide in bathrooms, floors, is considered tough on Pesticide/bactericide/fungicide/germicide.

Direction for Use:-

Mix approximately 100 ml of Concentrated Phenyl in 5 liter of water, use the diluted mixture directly on the surface and floor that you need to wash or clean and to have fragrance, mop until dry.

Active Ingredients:-

Pine Oil Emulsifier, Thickner



Use Rubber Gloves & eye goggles, avoid breathing vapors and fumes, ensure that the product do not have contact with your eye, mucous membrane, clothing, aluminum, floor or paints

Do not mix with other chemical or when some other chemical has been used before using the product to open drain

Be sure your drain is empty and only standing in water

after using be sure to cover the drain opening with metal or any dish to be safe from any possible eruption

Stand back

After use ensure to close the cap tightly

For External Use Only

Keep Away from Flames

Avoid Contact with eyes and broken skin do not inhale or swallow. In case of eye contact wash with plenty of fresh water, in case of irritation seek immediate medical advice

Keep out of the reach of the Children

Safety Data Sheet:-

Available on Request


Not Required / Recommended